terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011

all in your heart

shattered glass in the broken dream
five days I waited for you
come on and pray with me, darling
I don't believe this nightmare is true

you can't be dead, not for me
take my hand and whisper in my ear
please tell me that everything is okay
tell me everything I want to hear

I just want the old times back
I just want you standing next me
please take this eyes of mine
you made me sad, now I can't see

I just wanted to hold you once again
and tell you that everything would be fine
but now you're gone, I'm so confused
the hate, the love and their thin line

I miss you, I miss your smile
that smile, shiny and smart
but we're gone, we're dead and buried
and the good times are all in your heart

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